Updated version of the Directory of Civil Service Training Schools

Monday, October 3, 2016
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This trilingual directory offers an overview on more than 130 civil service schools and institutes members of the GIFT- MENA Network and/or the Mediterranean Forum of Public Service – FORUMED, operating across 30 Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern countries. It is the fruit of close collaboration between both networks as they aspire to knit ties, share resources, and commonly develop their activities to better meet current challenges faced by their members.

The directory is available in Arabic, French and English. 

GIFT-MENA Members and partners are invited to check their respective infromation and provide the GIFT-MENA Secretariat with their feedback and updated information about their institutions. To contact the GIFT-MENA Secretariat: By Tel on +961 1 425147 ext 505 or by email to: institute@finance.gov.lb 

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