Steering Committee

The GIFT-MENA network is governed by a Convention and Bylaws, ratified in June 2008. 

It is managed by a steering committee elected from the General Assembly. The current committee was elected at the 2015 Annual Meeting (in Marrakech, in February 2015). It is composed of: 


Steering committees meetings: 

  1. February 2015 - Morocco  (Download the Report)
  2. January 2014 - Kuwait, hosted by the Arab Planning Institute (Download the Report)
  3. November 2008 – Beirut, Lebanon, hosted by the Institute of Finance Basil Fuleihan of Lebanon (Download the Report)
  4. January 2007 – Amman, Jordan, hosted by the National Institute for Training (Download the Report)
  5. June 2006 – Granada, Spain, hosted by the Euro Arab Foundation for Higher Studies in Granada (Download the Report)