• Proceedings of the 2016 GIFT-MENA Annual Conference
    April 2017
    Organized in Paris on October 12-14, 2016, the Seventh Annual Conference of the GIFT-MENA Network was a precious occasion to gather 5 ministers of Civil Service, Administrative Reform and Governance from Ivory Coast, Egypt, Lebanon, France, and Senegal.
  • 21/03/2017

    The 2016 Human Development Report is the latest in the series of global Human Development Reports published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) since 1990 as independent, analytically and empirically grounded discussions of major development issues, trends and policies.

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  • Governance and the Law
    A new World Bank policy report urges developing countries and international development agencies to rethink their approach to governance, as a key to overcoming challenges related to security, growth, and equity.
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  • Report of the High Level Panel of Experts

    This report analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the GIFT-MENA Network after 10 years of its creation. At the request of the organizing committee of the 7th Annual GIFT MENA Conference, the report explores and proposes mecanisms by which the network can move forward, and provides an in-depth analysis of the network, its achievements and the challenges it faces.

    The report was based on:

    - the opinion and feedback of founding members, member institutions and iconcerned parties, as well as associate members and donors.

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  • Cover-Histoire d'une coopération au service de la gouvernance
    A story of cooperation at the service of governance
    October 2016

    This publication presents the story of the GIFT-MENA Network since its inception in 2006. It presents the essential pillars of its work including human capital formation, strengthening institutional capacities, provision of international expertise and promotion of bilateral, multilateral and triangular cooperation. It also presents the network's contribution to strengtening public governance in the MENA region, and offers food for thought about its future in a context of fragilty and transition

    This publication is available in French and Arabic.

  • Cover
    GIFT-MENA facing the challenges of the future
    October 2016

    On the occasion of the 10th Aniversary of the GIFT-MENA Network, this publication highlights its scope of work, activities and achievements, and sheds light on challenges facing the network fro the coming 10 years.

    Interviews with experts, and testimonies of the Network's members and partners are available in the Arabic language.



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  • October 2016

    This trilingual directory offers an overview on more than 130 civil service schools and institutes members of the GIFT- MENA Network and/or the Mediterranean Forum of Public Service – FORUMED, operating across 30 Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern countries. It is the fruit of close collaboration between both networks as they aspire to knit ties, share resources, and commonly develop their activities to better meet current challenges faced by their members.

    The directory is available in Arabic, French and English. 

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  • Cover - L'avenir de l'action publique-ENG
    Crossing Views Around the Mediterranean
    September 2016
    This publication presents a shared reflection, result of interviews conducted in July 2016 in Marseille, with Vincent Potier, Lamia Moubayed and Adel Ben Yakhlef, directors of public sector training institutions in their respective countries.
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    Mr. Othman Mouden
    August 2016
    The debate on the reform of the retirement system in Morocco is not new, and goes back to the late nineties. This study focuses on the Moroccan Pension Fund, considering the fact that the debates pertaining to the crisis in the retirement system have revolved around it. The most prominent reason for this crisis is financing the deficit in the military pension system, but also demographic factors such as rising life expectancy among Moroccans and shrinking fertility rates. This study will address the reform scenarios that have been proposed, including standard and structural reform.
  • The Civil Service in Morocco: Achievements, Constraints, Challenges and Future Prospects
    Dr. Najat Zarrouk
    August 2016
    From the 1980’s onward, the Moroccan State began experiencing deep transformations due to the impact of the structural adjustment program and of globalization. Consequently, the General Status of the Moroccan civil service is no longer adaptable to the country’s new national and international environment, and the Moroccan civil service is called upon to pursue the overall reform which was launched in recent years by the Government, not only to adapt itself to the principles of the new Constitution of 2011, but also to establish a flexible and human civil service based on merit and equal opportunities.