Human Capital Formation in the Public Sector and the Challenge of Building the State in Times of Crisis

Place : 
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Date : 
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 to Thursday, January 30, 2014

More than 90 experts from 51 institutions, 19 countries and 12 regional and international organizations participated to the 5th Annual Conference of the GIFT-MENA Network on "Human Capital Formation in the Public Sector and the Challenge of Building the State in Times of Crisis" that took place at the Arab Planning Institute in Kuwait between January 28 and 30, 2014. The Conference was held under the auspices of Ms. Hind AL SOBEIH, Minister of State for Planning and Development, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor.

On this occasion, 3 memorandum of understanding were signed between member institutions. France also pledged additional support to the network’s development and earmarked 50,000 Euros, as announced by Mr. Christian Nakhlé, Ambassador of France to Kuwait, representing H.E. Ms. Marylise Lebranchu, Minister of State Reform, Decentralization and Civil Service.

The participation of key political figures such us their Excellencies Mr. Fuad Siniora, Former President of the Council of Ministers of Lebanon, and Mr. Mohammed Moubdi, Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Modernization in Morocco, has put civil service reform at the forefront of the modernization agenda.

For a period of two days, participants discussed the policy context and current challenges of bringing civil service training and education in line with good international practices and current global trends in human resource development. They debated structural and political constraints for building innovative leadership in the public service and the importance of continuous training, development and learning in ensuring that civil servants are knowledgeable, effective and creative in fulfilling their mission to serve their country and citizens. They reflected on ways to promote networks of learning and south-south cooperation in pursuit of better performance. The conference also brought forth challenges of designing capacity building plans and the relationship with private sector providers.

The event was an occasion to:

  • Engage in a dialogue on policies and best practices of human capital formation in the public sector and exchanging expertise among the various countries in the above areas;
  • Reinforce regional networks and build partnerships in pursuit of improved performance;
  • Foster technical and financial support by international partners and engaging them in the policy debate about capacity in Government and its impact on growth and stability.

The conference was organized back-to-back with the Network Meeting on January 28th, 2014, that provided GIFT-MENA institutional members with a palteform to present their latest projects and initiatives developed. A closed Network Steering Committee Meeting also took place on January 30th, 2014 with the participation of regional and international organizations.

The event was organized by the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan-Secretariat of the network- and the Arab Planning Institute, in collaboration with ADETEF.

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PDF icon Nisreen Shaker- A strategy for knowledge management-AR3.76 MB
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PDF icon Edouard Al Dahdah-Al Maarefa-A new inter-Arab cooperation instrument on governance and PA reform-ENG4.54 MB
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