General Assembly of the GIFT-MENA Network

Place : 
Paris - France
Date : 
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
The General Assembly of the GIFT-MENA Network was held in Paris on October 12, 2016, bringing together 51 directors and senior officials from 22 member institutes in 9 Arab countries, along with representatives of 8 regional and international partner organizations.
The meeting was an opportunity to  review the 10 years of acitivties of the GIFT-MENA network, and launching an in-depth debate on its future. It was the occasion for the ratifcation of the Paris Declaration that reaffirmed the members' shared objectives and the importance of GIFT-MENA as a platform gathering key players in the modernization of public sector and contributors to the development of human capital and sustainable development goals by 2030, and facilitating the exchange of experiences and cooperation between members, partners and regional and international organizations.
After the meeting, a working group was mandated to formulate an action plan for the future of the network, which would be presented at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held in June 2017.
The General Assembly was held back-to-back with the Netowrk's Annual conference held on 13 and 14 October in Paris, which brought together more than 150 ministers, policymakers, senior officials and experts from 16 MENA countries, and representatives of 7 European institutions and 11 regional and international organizations.
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