Diagnosis Report on MENA training needs in public financial management

Developing Capacity-Building Tools for Sustainable Governance
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
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The diagnosis report assesses training needs in Public Financial Management (PFM) and presents recommendations on priority areas for capacity-building and effectively accompanying public finance reforms in the MENA region. It was developed in the framework of the project entitled “Developing Capacity-Building Tools for Sustainable Governance”, funded by a World Bank grant to the Basil Fuleihan Institute of Finance.

The report is divided into two main sections, a diagnostic report and a business plan:

  • The diagnostic report describes the current situation in the MENA region. It assesses existing and emerging regional offerings, their format and curricula to the extent of availability of such detailed information. It attempts to evaluate the level of satisfaction from these offerings and highlights major challenges that face the establishment of a regional training program in Public Financial Management.
  • The business plan section includes recommendations on the design of training courses, delivery modes, and insights on how to carry the offerings of courses in a sustainable way.