An Arab Perspective on the Post 2015 Agenda: National targets, regional priorities and global goals

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
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Authors: Khalid Abu-Ismail (email:, Aljaz Kuncic (, Naren Prasad ( and Niranjan Sarangi (email:

Published by the Economic Development and Globalization Division at UN-ESCWA

Short abstract: As the Millennium Development Goals are nearing the formal end of the line, there is a relevant international debate on how the post 2015 agenda should be formed and what it should look like. This paper adds to the debate from a regional perspective. It shows an overview of the heterogeneous MDGs performance of the Arab countries, and draws lessons from that. The results are regional development priorities and development constraints – the necessary conditions for development, which limit the scope of action for the Arab countries. Eight explicit goals in line with these regional priorities and constraints are suggested as being central for the region in any future development compact, and caveats with choosing the indicators for the poverty goal are discussed. Finally, the paper proposes a new methodology on how to set national targets for the chosen indicators and how to aggregate them to the regional and global level for an assumed 2030 developmental finishing line.

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